We are called to preach the Word in season and out… 2 Timothy 4:2


I believe God is calling me to a ministry setting where I will serve a church that is intergenerational with an intentional focus on building relationships in the community. The witness of scripture points to all generations participating in the life and ministry of the church. I believe a healthy church is one where the congregation inside is a cross section of the community outside. (Isaiah 58:12, Acts2:17, Titus 2) Throughout scripture you see a charge for young and old to work together to achieve the goals set before them. This takes intentionality on the part of the church to seek the missing generations from their midst. I feel that I have the skills to help a congregation discern the talents and strengths they have to offer in building relationships with those in the community. I’m looking for a church that has some sense of its own identity; who they are and whose they are - one that has an idea of their strengths and liabilities, but not a church that has it “all figured out.” I seek this, because a church that has a sense of identity along with an understanding of its strengths and liabilities is in a position to discern where God’s calling can be found. I seek a church that has gone through or is going through the process of honest self-exploration.

Reverend James D. Friesen Calling Statement